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Note: The resources from the October 2015 TEQSA roundtable discussions are available on the events page.

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Regulatory guidance

Most of the guidance notes and support material on this page were developed for consideration with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2011. Support material has been developed for consideration with the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015. 

TEQSA is publishing a series of 'guidance notes', intended to provide greater clarity for providers in the interpretation and application of selected standards. They draw on TEQSA’s regulatory experience to date and the knowledge of experts in the higher education sector. It is important to note that these documents are not instructional or ‘how to’ documents. TEQSA is currently seeking feedback on its new guidance notes. More information is on the consultations page of this website. 

Guidance notes do not introduce any new requirements of providers. In developing guidance notes, TEQSA consults with critical friends from the sector with expertise in the particular topic. TEQSA is also keen to draw on broader views from the sector on each guidance note and to facilitate this, there is a three-month period for comment on each guidance note (from when they are published on the consultations page). 

Guidance notes:

Accreditation and Registration




International providers

Risk assessment

TEQSA's public disclosure policy

This document outlines TEQSA's approach to public statements about regulatory actions and issues.