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National Register breakdown as at November 2017

Provider Category SAA* (full or partial) Non-SAA Total
Higher Education Provider




Australian University 40 0 40
Australian University of Specialisation 1 0 1
Overseas University 2 0 2


*SAA = Self-accrediting Authority (a provider can self-accredit some or all of its courses)

TEQSA published decisions report

The TEQSA published decisions report provides a summary of decisions on applications to accredit/re-accredit courses and register/re-register providers. It also includes decisions made by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal following a review of a decision by TEQSA. 

It does not include: 

  • Decisions made by TEQSA under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000
  • Decisions which are subject to external review, or which are the subject of a current review process
  • Decisions not made based on an application, or
  • Details of the reasons for TEQSA’s decisions.

Details about the individual decisions published in this report, as well as other decisions made in relation to registered higher education providers, can be found in the National Register of higher education providers.

Details about decisions made under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 can be obtained from the Department of Education and Training CRICOS website

Purpose of the Register

TEQSA is required by section 198 of the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011 to establish and maintain a National Register of Higher Education Providers and to make it available for inspection on the internet.

The purpose of the National Register is to be the authoritative source of information on the status of registered higher education providers in Australia.

Information on the Register

The National Register Guidelines outline the provider and course information that TEQSA must include on the register, including providers whose registration has been cancelled by TEQSA. TEQSA may also include other information.

  • Active providers are designated as either 'registered', or as 'registration ongoing pending renewal' - meaning a decision is pending by the TEQSA Commission regarding the provider's re-registration. During this period, the provider remains registered and courses accredited.
  • Active courses are designated as either 'accredited', or as 'accreditation ongoing pending renewal' - meaning a decision is pending by the TEQSA Commission regarding the provider's re-accreditation. During this period, the course remains accredited.

Registered higher education providers must notify TEQSA of a material change that would require an updating of details on the National Register. 

If you are searching for specific information about a course's content, or the range of courses offered by a particular provider or institution, you can find it on the Australian Government’s Study Assist website.


TEQSA has commenced the public reporting of regulatory decisions made on or after 1 July 2013. TEQSA will note a decision on the National Register after the provider has been notified of the decision and has had the opportunity to comment on the information to be published.

TEQSA will not, except where there are exceptional circumstances, note a decision on the register, or publish a public report on the National Register until the period for applying for review of the decision that is the subject of a report has expired, or in cases where a review application is made, until the review is completed.

TEQSA will consider whether exceptional circumstances exist having regard to the three regulatory principles, and to the principles in the TEQSA Public Disclosure Policy.

QILT (Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching)

With QILT, you can do side by side comparisons of the quality of the higher education institutions and the study areas that you’re interested in.


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