TEQSA and quality assurance

Date of Publication: 
Thursday, 26 February, 2015 - 10:30

“A risk and standards based approach to quality assurance in Australia’s diverse higher education sector"

TEQSA is committed to communicating with the higher education sector about its processes for implementing a streamlined, tailored approach to assuring quality in the higher education sector.

TEQSA's role is to assure that quality standards are being met by all registered higher education providers. It does this primarily through registration/re-registration processes and through course accreditation/re-accreditation processes for providers without self-accrediting authority. In these processes, which recur up to every seven years, TEQSA considers the provider’s track record and applies a range of assessment methods to reach satisfaction that providers meet and continue to meet the national standards. This satisfaction is required under the Act and in effect involves a judgement of confidence in the provider. TEQSA places a strong emphasis on promoting and facilitating a culture of effective self-assurance by providers.

In carrying out its role, TEQSA’s approach is underpinned by three principles: regulatory necessity; reflecting risk and proportionate regulation. These safeguards in effect require that TEQSA’s exercise of power must differentiate between providers that have extensive positive track records and low risk of future non-compliance, and those that have poor or limited track records and a substantial risk of future non-compliance under the standards.  TEQSA must not only take a provider’s record and risks of future non-compliance into account, it must also ensure that any exercise of its powers is proportionate to any actual non-compliance and/or risk of future non-compliance.

TEQSA’s approach to this is described in a paper developed in consultation with sector peak bodies, available below:

Questions or comments

If you have any questions or would like to offer comments on the Agency's approach to quality assurance, please email enquiries@teqsa.gov.au.