TEQSA register of experts

Overview of the Register

TEQSA uses external experts to source advice on specific, identified elements of the Agency’s regulatory assessments and reviews. TEQSA recognises that, in performing its regulatory functions, it benefits from having access to a register of external experts. TEQSA staff use input from external experts to inform their analysis and recommendations to the Commission. Individual external experts provide advice as individuals on specific, identified elements of TEQSA’s regulatory reviews.

Experts provide advice that contributes to TEQSA’s assessment of a provider application for TEQSA registration/renewal or course accreditation/renewal. It is important to note that external expert advice is one input into TEQSA’s regulatory process and experts will not be drafting recommendations or making decisions on applications.

Applying for inclusion on the Register

TEQSA is reviewing its Experts system, policies and procedures over the next six months. During this period it will not be accepting applications from people seeking inclusion on the Register.

Frequently asked questions about the TEQSA register of experts (updated June 2014):

If you have a specific query not covered in the frequently asked questions, please email experts@teqsa.gov.au.

External Experts portal

Experts will be issued with assignments through the online External Experts portal at https://portal.teqsa.gov.au. The portal provides Experts with a central point to interact with TEQSA, access and respond to assignments, as well as issue invoices for payment. When you are issued with your first assignment you will also receive your log in details to access the new portal and guidance on using the system.

Useful resources

Experts may find the below tip sheet, frequently asked questions document and walkthrough video helpful when using the portal:

Please ensure that your contact details are always up to date. You can advise TEQSA of any changes by emailing experts@teqsa.gov.au.