Self-accrediting authority

Self-accrediting authority is a significant responsibility. Providers who self-accredit some or all of their higher education courses of study are accountable for:

  • interpreting the requirements of the Threshold Standards, and;
  • judging whether these will be appropriately applied and met throughout the development, approval, delivery and discontinuance of a course of study.

In exercising this authority, the provider is also responsible for ensuring that compliance across all the Threshold Standards is sustained throughout their higher education operations.

Under section 41 of the TEQSA Act, a registered higher education provider may apply to TEQSA for authority to self-accredit one or more courses of study. TEQSA will assess applications against matters including the Threshold Standards, particularly the criteria for self-accrediting authority.

Application forms

Application documents are available on the forms and guides pageThe application form should be used to apply to TEQSA for self-accrediting authority for one or more higher education courses of study. Providers may apply for self-accrediting authority for the first time, or extend the scope of their existing self-accrediting authority.

The application must be on the approved form, include all information requested by TEQSA, and must be accompanied by the approved fee.