Renewal of registration

A registered higher education provider must apply in writing to TEQSA for renewal of its registration.

The application must be made in writing at least 180 days before the registration is to end, or a shorter period if approved by TEQSA. An agreement to any shorter period must be sought from TEQSA as early as possible prior to the 180 day period and extension of the deadline can be rejected.

Applications must be in the approved form, include all information requested by TEQSA, and must be accompanied by the applicable fee and Payment/Invoice Form. Information about fees is available on the TEQSA fees page.

Where possible, providers are encouraged to apply for renewal of registration at the same time as renewal of course accreditation, and where applicable, other regulatory processes such as CRICOS re-registration or an application to change provider category. The ability to submit concurrent applications will depend on a range of factors, including accreditation and registration periods. Providers are strongly encouraged to contact TEQSA to discuss the best way of packaging applications prior to submission.

If TEQSA grants the application for renewal of registration, TEQSA will determine a new period for which the provider is registered. Under the TEQSA Act, this period cannot exceed seven years.

Providers that have any questions about renewal of registration should contact their TEQSA Case Manager.

It is essential that applicants read the Application Guide before completing the Application Form.

Application documents are available on the forms and guides pagePlease note that these documents only apply for applications submitted before 1 July 2014. Revised documents will be available in due course as part of the Agency's reform agenda.