Review of TEQSA forms and guides

Updating TEQSA’s application forms and guides

TEQSA will update its application forms and guides to reflect improvements and amendments as a result of feedback, experiences and future changes to TEQSA’s regulatory framework.

Further information is provided below under 'Principles'.

If you would like to provide feedback on your recent experiences in using one or more of TEQSA’s Application Forms and accompanying Application Guides, or to give feedback on your overall regulatory experience with TEQSA, please complete the brief online survey at


The following principles underpin TEQSA’s approach to revising its application forms and guides.

TEQSA’s application forms and accompanying guides will be systematically reviewed to ensure they clearly and accurately reflect all requirements of each application process.

  • Changes to application forms and guides will be made as soon as possible where the content is erroneous and no longer reflects application requirements, such as in instances where:
      • TEQSA significantly changes its application process (for example in the number and type of submissions required)
      • TEQSA changes its evidence requirements to demonstrate compliance against one or more Threshold Standards
      • there are changes made to one or more Threshold Standards
      • there are changes made to legislative provisions that are referenced in the forms and guides.
  • In line with TEQSA’s basic principle of regulatory necessity (as prescribed in the TEQSA Act), TEQSA will update application forms and accompanying guides when reasonably necessary. Editorial and other minor amendments will normally be made to forms and guides annually, but no more frequently than each six months..
  • Where changes are made to a form or guide, the version number and effective date shall be added to the updated document, using the format:
      • Version number 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc.
      • Effective from:  (day) (month)(year).
  • Changes made to any application form and/or accompanying guide will be communicated to all higher education providers (through the ‘TEQSA Update’ and through notices on the TEQSA website, supplemented by individual letters to providers where TEQSA is aware that such changes will significantly impact applications known to be pending).
  • Wherever possible, providers will be advised of intended changes to TEQSA’s application processes well in advance of proposed implementation timeframes. If significant changes are made, higher education providers will be given a reasonable notice period (and if practicable, at least six months for implementation) to comply with the new requirements in their application submissions to TEQSA. The nature of the changes and extent of impact on providers will be taken into account in determining a date for implementation.